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When people struggle to find, what to build and how to build; we hold their hand right from the beginning. We design, we plan and we construct their dream project.

 A team of architects and planners associated with us help to understand the requirement and budget of the project and then our operations team delivers best quality construction right on time.


Light Steel Frame Houses

Rapidness, Excellent thermal and Sound insulation, Astonishing Finish, Earthquake resistance, Hassel free construction, Light weight are the major attributes to The Light Gauge Steel Framing buildings. First Class GI profiles are used as a structure which is first designed according to the requirement, taking into consideration all kind of loads (Dead load, Live load, Seismic vibrations, Shear or wind loads etc).

UPVC Doors & Windows

Over the years Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) has evolved a lot to become more sustainable, durable and eco friendly material. uPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride which offers high strength, durability, flexibility in design and excellent finish. Moreover it has significant advantages over wood and aluminum as it is not affected by any kind of rough weather conditions, termite and corrosion etc. Wear and tear in uPVC windows and doors is also significantly less because it doesn’t have any lose joints as they are welded together.

False Ceilings & Dry Wall Partitions

False ceilings not only provide you an astonishing look of your roof but they also provide thermal and sound insulation. We provide all kinds of false ceiling such as Gypsum board ceiling, Fiber cement planks ceiling, Grid ceiling of 600mmx600mm size, pinewood ceiling etc.

Interior Designing

Interior designing is both artistic and scientific approach to enhance aesthetics of interior as well as utilization of space. We use modern technology along with artistic approach to plan and deliver our interior designing projects.

Aluminum System Windows

These are totally weather proof windows having perfect weather seal all around the outer surface which resists wind, dust and insects etc. These come with a smooth operation and absolute finish.

Why Choose Us

We offer value and excellence to our clients.
We offer remarkable services of construction and managed every aspect of the project.
We offer environment-friendly construction.
We offer a complete package from Planning, Designing, Manufacturing to On-site Installation.

Sustainable construction
Excellence in quality
Timely completion
Total customer satisfaction

Indue Prefab Pvt Ltd is a construction company which providing value-added construction services to their customers. We establish a lasting relationship with customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through remarkable performance.

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Our Customer Say

"I would like to thank indue prefab pvt ltd for their excellent execution and completed project that located in mandi himachal Pradesh. I would like to express my appreciation to your commitment towards quality and delivery on time. I wish you all the best."
Kesar Singh
Mandi ,Himacha Pradesh
"Indue Prefab Pvt Ltd is definitely one of the finest company in the field of construction .I am very pleased to note that indue prefab focus on its approach and stay true to its commitments in quality and delivery. I look forward to work with you on many more projects in the near future. "
Architect Osaan Avtar
"Indue Prefab Pvt Ltd maintained good client relationship by delivering their quality services within committed period of time. Project completed by them is fully satisfactory and I would like to appreciate the team spirit during the execution of the project. This attitude will take Indue Prefab to greater heights in the near future."
Roshni Thakur
Sunder Nagar,Himachal Pradesh
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