Pre engineered Buildings

PEB concept or Metal Building systems were developed as a solution for increasing demand for fast economic growth as these buildings are fast to construct and have greater strength to weight ratio. 

 In PEB, a complete steel frame building system, with pre-designed components to best suit, the unique customer requirements are fabricated in the factory or workshop and then transported to the construction site.

It provides rapid construction at a low cost with a limitless design possibility in states like Himachal, Punjab, Jammu, and Kashmir.

Below are a few applications of PEB


Commercial Buildings: PEB is suitable for high-rise commercial buildings like Shopping malls, school and college buildings, etc as they involve very less construction time and save both time and money.

High-rise residential Buildings: Steel has higher design flexibility and can be designed to withstand higher loads. There is no such designed restriction in Pre-engineered buildings and these can be designed up to any number of floors.

Warehouse and industrial sheds: These buildings are easy to install and can achieve a clear span of comparatively large space. It is always better to go with PEB for constructing warehouses and industrial sheds because It gives ease of accessibility and operations by not having any column in between the area.

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