Drywall Partitions

Drywall partition is a high-performance system that uses Galvanized Iron Cold-formed studs as core structure and a variety of boards as a cladding material.  The thickness and width of the studs vary according to the requirement. Compared with any conventional partition method, drywalls are quicker and easier to install and require very little manpower. Different types of material used in drywalls contribute to different applications. They can be customized to provide high-quality sound and thermal insulation.

Involving zero usage of water and sand, leave no clutter on the site. And provide an impeccable finish. The material used in drywall is easy to transport and can be delivered at far places in interior areas of Himachal Pradesh And J&K. Weather conditions have zero impact on the speed and quality of constructions.

 Below are the advantages and applications of drywall Partitions:

  1. Regular drywall: These kinds of drywalls are suitable for regular outer and indoor walls and have vast application in residential and commercial buildings.
  2. Acoustic Drywalls: These are suitable for soundproofing applications such as Recording Studios, Discotheques, Cinema halls, movie theaters, etc.
  3. Clean Room partitions: These are the partitions where we need to control Different parameters like temperature, humidity, etc. These have high applications in the pharmaceutical industry.
  4. Fire-rated walls: Specialized fire-rated drywall is used in garages and basements, around equipment that might cause a fire. It contains fiberglass, which slows the progress of the fire and doesn’t burn as fast as regular gypsum.

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